When we opened our doors nearly 25 years ago, one of our very first clients asked us to build a custom CRM platform capable of holding ten million records on one PC. We successfully completed that project for our client, Bell Atlantic Mobile, now known as Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is still one of our clients today. Since then, DBT has carved its own path by continuing to provide innovative, enterprise data solutions for companies that require more than what is currently available on the market today.


Developed and manage a system to calculate rewards for all marketing partners and clients that generate referrals from banks, accountants, legacy partners and customers

Produce the matched customer file for the ADP NER

  • DUNS
  • InfoUSA
  • Customer file

Run reporting system for Franchise and Buying Groups including maintain franchise file to find unreported starts and perform one off matches for new franchises

Developing AVS (Added Value Services) Dashboard with EVS system currently running and additional functional areas forthcoming

Trade show reporting system to track attendees converted to clients plus new business and added business


Developed and hosted a database system to support Disney’s Happiest Faces on Earth for their 50th anniversary.

  • 600,000 + submissions
  • stored edited photos and release documents
  • DBT’s first terabyte system
  • provided ‘Photo Finder’ software for the park


Warehouse for website tracking data of hundreds of millions of daily records and daily feed of interest in and in market from web searches


Provided second line support and data maintenance for Celsius’ pre lead system for SAP in:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Provided Portuguese and Spanish support teams


Analytic Support for CRM Team

  • Life Time Value (LTV) project
  • Developed and tested customer retention programs
  • Built initial CRM file in the ‘90s